Service Time Tracker

Data-driven, actionable insights to Improve Support Operations

Customer Service teams must continually improve agent productivity and increase the effectiveness of customer interactions. Having accurate data that can provide actionable insights to improve support operations is a crucial step in this process.

  • Automatic, accurate tracking to identify bottlenecks and gaps in workflows
  • Precise metrics and insight for focused performance improvement
  • No User overhead – Works with their normal workflow
  • Native application and support for Service Cloud Console
  • No IT overhead – Install in minutes
  • Easy to use Weekly Timesheet Reports for Approvals

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Brittany Foust, Program Manager, Custom Support

Greenway Health


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Powerful Dashboards and Reports

  • Automatic, Granular, Accurate Time Slices such as case creation, review, documentation, knowledge search etc.
  • Trend & Benchmark Performance
  • Optimization of workflows identified by inactivity gaps or excess time spend

Advance Service Cloud Support & Integration

  • Easy Manual Tracking of Admin Work on Service Cloud Console
  • Tracks Live Agent Chat
  • Tracks Custom Objects and Visualforce Pages
  • Integrates with Phone Call Logs

Comprehensive Visibility and Control

  • Organizes all Agents’ Time Record in Weekly

  • Timesheets for Managers to Review and Approve

  • Provides Managers with visibility into Resource Utilization, Billing and Company Workloads

  • Increases Employee Punctuality and buy-in because of Realtime Visibility and Accuracy


How Do I Get Service Time Tracker?

Call us at 408-905-7501. Our experts are available to assist you, and we would be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss your specific needs.