Implement a flawless customer and agent experience

Strong customer loyalty depends on a great customer experience. Comity creates new value for your customers by providing easy access to the most relevant multimedia knowledge, matching their needs with the right service agent, eliminating pain points, and providing them with the next best action across all the channels.


Agent Experience That Rocks

Happy agents result in happy customers. Agents that don’t have to swivel to access various systems can focus on customer issue at hand. Comity creates purpose-built agent consoles that provide relevant customer information and access to the knowledge in one screen that minimizes average handle time and maximizes agents’ first call resolution.


​How Can Comity help You?


Operational Excellence To Meet Service Level Objectives

Comity designs service operations that intelligently match cases to right agents and serve the next best case, build support workflows to keep track of milestones so as to not drop a ball on the customers and streamline case actions and communications through advanced macros.


Actionable Insights To Remove Service Friction

Comity’s service time tracker tracks actual time spent by agents in various case activities to resolve a customer issue. This insight and the support dashboards help executives optimize their operations now and for future, remove friction, and reduce non-value added activities.


Field Service

Call Comity to extend your service cloud and deliver high touch field service with intelligent scheduling that optimizes service delivery and meets SLA compliance. We configure amazing mobile app with access to all relevant customer, parts, and knowledge for technician to complete the job the right way, the very first time.


How Comity Has Helped Others


Enriching the Online Support Center for Eventbrite’s Global Operations


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Our Products

Service Time Tracking

Understand the time spent by an agent by categories to help further refine support processes to increase productivity. Automatically track of case related work such as case research, documentation, knowledge creation, and manual track non-case related work. Pre-built dashboards give you visibility into accurate metrics to improve your handle times and SLAs.


Workforce Management

Automate workload forecasting and schedule agents across the channels based on skills, developing situations, and prior history. Run “what if” scenarios for different call patterns based on seasonal variance, new product introduction, and daily variance. Built on Salesforce platform, the solution can be deployed in days, and works seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud.