Renewal Manager

Increase Revenue, Decrease Churn, and Gain Visibility into Renewal Business

Recurring revenue from subscriptions and support agreements is a key pillar for success in today’s economy. Comity helps you avoid bolster renewal rates and avoid billing mishaps.

  • Increase Revenue with Higher Retention and Upsells
  • Complete View of Original Opportunity
  • Life Cycle including Add-ons, Renewal
  • Real-time Visibility and Insights
  • Reduce Friction for Sales Teams
  • Supports Inside Sales, Renewal Sales and Field Sales Team

Renewal Manager streamlines our renewal process and significantly improves pipeline visibility. Executives have 1-click access to dashboards and reports so they can monitor business performance.

Nancy Porte, VP Operations


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Powerful Dashboards and Reports

  • Track customer retention, churn and at-risk accounts
  • Accurately measure bookings vs. revenue with early and carry-over renewal information
  • Track true upsell and downgrades from base renewal book of business
  • Deep granular insights into renewals by products, regions, channels, teams

Extensive Process Configurability

  • Automatic creation of renewal opportunities, support for multiple sales and renewal processes
  • Automatically include co-terminous add-on sales to a single renewal opportunity
  • Configurable renewal activities for different business units and/or opportunity attributes
  • Supports all of forecasting and pipeline management functionality

Advance Product and Price Management

  • Configurable renewal SKUs to main product SKUs
  • Auto-compute pro-rated values
  • Ability to define non-renewable products such as education, consulting, project-based work, etc.
  • Price renewals based on customer-specific discounts, cost mark-ups, or contractual price increases

Seamless Extension to Service Cloud

  • Auto creation of asset and management of asset end date
  • Auto creation of entitlements and service contracts based on need and configuration

​How Do I Get Renewal Manager?

Call us at 408-905-7501. Our experts are available to assist you, and we would be more than happy to answer your questions and discuss your specific needs.