Transform Sales Engagement

Comity partners with you to develop strategic, on-going interactions with your customers across channels. We bring solutions that drive high priority deals, remove clutter and distraction, and automate mundane tasks, to ensure high visibility and usability.


Increase Your Closing Potential

We apply best practices in lead de-duplication and enrichment from various data sources to help you prioritize and qualify, eliminating poor quality leads and improving your close rate.


How Can Comity Help You?


Forecast in Salesforce

Make Salesforce Forecast work to meet your unique forecasting and business needs.


Flexible pricing and configuration

We set up advanced and complex Salesforce CPQ implementations – from guided selling to product configuration and beyond.


Sales “Prevention” becomes Sales “Driver”

Transform your sales ops team from gatekeepers to a team that drives strategy and helps you scale.


Scale with Channels

We help small businesses to large enterprises scale through partner engagement models, distributors, and e-commerce.


​How Comity Has Helped Others


Re-implementation of Salesforce Supports Renewal Growth


Improved Data Integration Drives Sales Conversions


Our Products

Renewal Manager

Improve renewal revenue and customer retention rates with proactive renewals and automated processes. Bring visibility and predictability into renewal book of business.


Product To Assets Converter

Use our highly popular AppExchange app to create accurate list of assets from the opportunity. Convert all or some product lines, split multiple quantities to one, add any additional information before converting products into assets to maintain up to date information