Comity Brings Harmony And Structure To The Cloud

Project Execution Focused on Customer Value
Integrated, customer-first design deliver better, faster results

Identify & Define

  • User Personas
  • Customer Values
  • Minimum Viable product
  • Phased Roadmap

​Design & Ideate

  • Customer Experience
  • Architecture of Target Solution
  • Detail & Approve New Business Processes
  • Build Prototypes

Develop in Sprints

  • Iterative Development
  • Test & Refine
  • Integrate Systems
  • Data Preparation & Migration

​Phased Development

  • Full QA
  • System Testing
  • Training
  • Deployment Plan

​Go Live

  • Deploy to Production
  • User Support
  • Stabilization
  • Final Data Migration

We depend on customer team to provide valuable insights to build user experience through building user personas, customer values, and phased roadmap during Identify and Define phase.

During Design and Ideate, we build trust and team environment to flush out architecture and business processes by educating team on framework capabilities and building prototypes.

In development cycle, we work in 2-week Sprints to iterate through the development and that includes standard SCRUM rituals like Sprint planning, Demo, Retrospective, and daily SCRUM. This provides customers transparency throughout development phase where the customer can see the work in progress provide feedback, rearrange sprint backlog based on changing a business priority.

With our phased approach we release to production in 3 to 4-month cycle which includes system integration test, user acceptance test, training, and hypercare support.

With our process, Customer is able to transform business processes, create exceptional customer experience and build technology quickly and is leveraging constant evaluation.